Dataviewjs block gives syntax error :-(

Things I have tried

I tried to add this function createDifference() into my dataviewjs block but I get the Evaluation Error: SyntaxError: Unexpected token '&' error as seen in the attached screenshot.

When I remove this function definition I don’t get any error, the Obsidian Graph view renders fine (of course with the problem that the 2nd data set is not defined).

I can’t figure out what’s the syntax problem here?!

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to add this function to the dataviewjs block so that I can calculate the differences array I’d like to add to the Obsidian Graph view.

Any help much appreciated, @joethei …?! :pray:

Wow a syntax error about a character that does not exist in your code, that seems frustrating!
A couple thoughts for investigation:

  • can you narrow down the line in the function that causes it? E.g. do you still get the error if you comment out the unshift line? Or part/all of the push line?
  • if you put the code into the Obs developer console using DataviewAPI. in place of dv. does it work there?
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Thanks, @scholarInTraining, for the suggestions.

I solved it! :blush:

What did I do? I deleted the function and retyped it all again.
Truth be told, I copy-pasted a part of that code from the web browser and it seems that at least one quirky character slipped in that cannot be seen inside a code block (or inside of Obsidians text editor at all). I wish there was an option to “show all characters, even the hidden ones” like there is in some editors.

So, there was nothing wrong with the JavaScript code at all – phew!
I was able to insert the 2nd dataset. :blush:

Maybe interesting for you, too, @snowbiker100?! :wink:

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