Dataview to see which projects I was working on an exact day

Hey guys!

What I am trying to do

I try to create an easy system to follow the process of the lot of projects that I am working on. So my idea was a table query that has a first column with the dates and in the second column there are the project files that has the link of the daily note. I use the “w-” sign for my project notes.

Things I have tried

I don’t really understand why it doesn’t work. I also tried with other ways, and I tried dataviewjs, but it didn’t work.
Do you have any ideas how to solve this problem?

Screenshots are helpful, but it’s also a good practice to put samples of your Markdown as it’s written in your note, and your Dataview (or other) queries in a code block

so it is easier for 
others to see what've
you've done so far.

Then folks can get started without manually typing things out or digging out their OCR software. :slightly_smiling_face:

First we need to fully understand the problem. Do you want to list every daily note which has projects, and then list all projects related to that date? Or do you want to list every project, and see which dates you worked on that?

Please show some examples on how you would like the output (even though if you have to manually construct it)

Yes, sorry, I want to list every daily note which has projects, and then list all projects related to that date.

This is the closest I did, I guess. My only problem now is that I want to filter the inlinks, so I want to render just project notes.

from #daily
where file.inlinks
sort desc

Untested, but hopefully it’ll work (or point you towards your end goal):

TABLE projectLinks
FROM #daily
FLATTEN list(filter(file.inlinks, (i) =>
  startswith(string(i), "w-") ))) as projectLinks
WHERE length(projectLinks) > 0
SORT desc

You might need to tinker around with the startswith() line to filter out the correct links, and maybe you need to do some magic related to meta(i) in there too. But the gist of the idea is that using FLATTEN we want to create a new list( ... ) which is the filter() version of the file.inlinks list. And the startswith() is the actual filter expression for which links we want to preserve.

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