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Dataview formula

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I’m using database plugin to do this, but wonder if anyone knows if it’s possible to display a sum count of my frontmatter ‘worktime’ numbers in my ‘2024 Spring’ daily notes? Each day I add how many minutes I work on my art and I like to see the minutes over the days, week and months add up.

You may want to clarify your post. I do not find a plugin named “database” between the Community plugins, nor is there a core plugin with that name. You may want to provide information about the plugin about which you are asking a question so people can specifically help you.

Hi, the workaround plugin I’m using to get a sum of my frontmatter is called DB Folder I think. It’s ok but I’d like a data formula if possible to put in same note under a ‘Tracker’ plugin graph. The Tracker graph shows a graph of each numberical input from my ‘2024 Spring’ daily notes folder. Thanks.

I think what you’re looking for is answered here: Sum the integer in YAML tag, within two files, into Dataview Table

You would just choose a different filter to select the notes, and obviously change your key names.

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Hmm, seems close, but without results unfortunately. I’m drawing from 3 months worth of daily notes frontmatter, which is called ‘worktime.’ Not sure if I can change ‘’ to ‘’ or not, that might be my error. Anyhow, thanks for the tip, worth a go, don’t think I’m going to go down the rabbit hole of investigating this more right now, got to get on with ordering my groceries!

TABLE WITHOUT ID rows.worktime, sum(rows.daySum)
FLATTEN worktime/60 as daySum
WHERE ( = "2023 Winter")

You’ve got the which is just the file name, file.path which is the full vault file folder and file name, and then you’ve got file.folder which is just the folder path.

So if you’re lucky you could just to WHERE file.folder = "2023 Winter" (or possibly WHERE contains(file.folder, "2023 Winter") which will check it “Winter 2023” is part of the folder, like in the case of Journals/somewhere/2023 Winter :smiley:

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