Dataview for reviewing and processing media

I use dataview to help me process and organize all of the media that I go through (books, articles, videos, movies, papers, etc). I also use the Readwise tool and plugin to funnel most of what I consume into my vault. Anything I come across that might be interesting gets saved into Pocket and I either highlight in Pocket which sends to Readwise, or highlight with Hypothesis which goes into Readwise.

Here is a shot of my media review page:

Here’s the markdown:

In Progress

table Category, Workflow, file.mtime
from #inprogress or #highlighted or #summarized 
where != "Media" and !contains(, "emplate")
sort file.mtime asc


table Category, Workflow, Purpose, Source, knowledge-topic as "Knowledge Topic", file.mtime
from #ready or #downloaded and !#setaside
where != "Media" and !contains(, "emplate")
sort file.mtime asc

Need to Get

table Category, Author, Priority, Purpose, elink(URL, "Link") as URL, file.ctime
from #needtoget 
where != "Media" and !contains(, "emplate")
sort file.ctime asc


table Category, Workflow, Purpose, Rating, knowledge-topic as "Knowledge Topic", Summary
from #finished  
where != "Media" and !contains(, "emplate")
sort file.ctime asc

Set Aside

table Category, Workflow, Purpose, file.ctime
from #setaside 
where != "Media" and !contains(, "emplate")
sort file.ctime asc

Here is an example of what an individual page looks like and how I process through some content:

The pages vary slightly depending on the type of content. Videos have an iframe of the video the reference and books have the cover graphic, for example.


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Arminta, I think it would be great if you gave a Talk on how you customize your workflow in Obsidian to make it minimal and notion-like. If you are not busy.


Once again we seem to have a similar approach at least conceptually, though it differs in several specifics.

For example, instead of having strings as knowledge categories I have topic: [[Note or MOC name]] so incoming content is tied to at least one if not more hub notes or MOCs somewhere in my system.

My front matter is also much shorter. Instead of putting URL/etc in variables like that I pull items into Zotero and then run an Alfred workflow that executes a script to pull the referenced citekey out of Zotero, runs an API call against Zotero to generate the bibliography reference, then puts that at the top of the templated note it creates in my inbox.


topic: [[✧ Systems Thinking]]
citekey: hosu2019
status: unstarted

Hosu, George. A Better Way of Understanding Systems. Accessed 5 Apr. 2021.

... (rest of template)

What I had been meaning to do but just hadn’t gotten around to was building a dashboard view of my content inbox. Your post is spurring me to do that and drawing from your examples.

So, thanks again!! :slight_smile:


Hi Dave, we’re more similar than you think as my Knowledge Topics are links (not plain strings). Knowledge Topic:: [[Psychology]] is an example. Then here is my Psychology page:

Here’s more about my Knowledge Management part of my workflow:

I will admit my frontmatter/dataview fields are not short lol. But I link everything together in my vault in one way or another via dataview so it’s worth it to me. It could be hidden under a header if someone wanted to (I like to see it).


Thank you for sharing. I was searching something for listing in a note my books and articles depend on the status. But I think I’m a super beginner in obsidian (just making my first notes after watching some YouTube tutorials). Do you know if I can learn dataview, the very first steps, just from the scratch?

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Hey! Loving these views!

Was wondering if it’s possible to pull all frontmatter variables from a certain date? For instance, can I see all new variables for a file created within the last 30 days?

How did you leave the Knowledge Topic as a list?

It’s a dataview thing. Multiple [[keywords]].