Dataview filtering task by text, where text is link to a page

Things I have tried

Hello, I am new to Obsidian. I searched the forum and found this topic which I want to achieve. I couldn’t get this to work.

What I’m trying to do

I want to filter out tasks and their subtasks based on the text, where text is the link to a page. For example,

- [ ] [[example_note]]
    - [ ] some text

I have tried the following queries and both of them give 0 results.

WHERE contains(task.text, [[example_note]])
WHERE contains(task.text,

Could someone please help me with this?

WHERE contains(text, "[[example_note]]")
  • [[example_note]] is a link (so, it is a kind of path;
  • with "[[example_note]]" you ask for the string part in task text - you can also use WHERE contains(text, "example_note")
  • if in the current note you can use WHERE contains(text,, because is a string.

This works. Thanks for the clarification!

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