Daily notes sync problem

What I’m trying to do

When I open the Obsidian app on my phone (Android) it automatically creates a new Daily note and the app opens up in that daily note. My problem is that this daily note is not being synced with my Mac app. Everything else syncs perfectly (using Obsidian Sync), so I do not get why this happens (or doesn’t happen as it were)?

Things I have tried

I have turned off the “Open your daily note automatically whenever you open this vault” on my Mac. Before I turned this off my Mac app would also create a new daily note, meaning that I would then have two different daily notes from the same date on my Mac and my phone respectively.

I have not found a solution anywhere. It seems that the mechanism with creating new daily notes on both a computer and a phone creates some problems for some people but it hasn’t led me to any solution…

I have also experienced Daily note conflicts in the same environment (Mac, Android, Obsidian Sync). In my case, instead of two different daily notes being created, each note was merged into one note.

The following help document describes conflict resolution of Obsidian Sync (especially for Daily note).

Obsidian Sync is a service for synchronizing notes (rather than backups), so it seems to cause issues depending on the timing of the synchronization.

Merging Daily note each time with Note composer (core plugin) is one way to solve the problem. (There seems to be no fundamental solution at this time…)

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It is WILD that Obsidian claims to “Sync” information but is willing to just write an entirely blank file over a note that has information in it because “it’s newer.”

The truely aghast failure moment I’m experiencing now is that Sync didn’t maintain any version history of what was in my “old” version of the file (composed offline) when I reconnected to WiFi. It simply wrote over all of it when I pulled the Daily Note up on my phone, and has no record of what I typed into the note before that point.

True data loss in 2023. Tragedy.

I also note that this issue was sort of debugged but just described as “a race condition” ¯_(ツ)_/¯ over a year ago:

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