Daily notes plugin

Things I have tried

Have activated Daily notes plugin (affix) and have the Daily notes icon present on the left side

What I’m trying to do

My goal is to have a quick easy way to create a daily note. My expectation has been that when I click that icon a daily note file will appear formatted according to the template I’ve created. When I click the icon, as far as I can tell, nothing happens. So I have to say that either I’ve not set it up properly or I’m not using it properly. All the presentations I’ve watched set up the plugin, click it and then they’re in a file ready to edit. What am I doing wrong? Sorry for such a lame question.
All the pressure

Just add the shortcut to create a daily note.
For example, I create a daily note and open it using Cmd+Shift+1
Very much convenient for me

Thanks for the response but, using the hotkey approach, still nothing happens. Either my expectations are incorrect or I haven’t set something up correctly. My expectation is that when I click the icon (or issue the hotkey) that I will wind up in edit of a file using my Daily note template.

Post a screenshot of your settings.

This is how I have mine set up.

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Thanks all for your help. I finally found the problem. The date format I had specified in Daily Notes plugin option contained an unpermitted character, to wit: a colon in the time display field, and there was no notification from Obsidian, it just didn’t do anything. Had I posted a screen print of the plugin options I had specified you guys would have caught it immediately. I’m very much a newbie with Obsidian and I’m still trying to figure out the concepts and methods. Thanks for your responses.

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