Daily notes fails if there is a colon in the Date Format

Steps to reproduce

Daily notes plugin: When entering a template in Date format field, it allows you to enter a colon. But : is not allowed in a filename. If you have a colon in your Date format, it fails to make a new note.

Example of a failing format: YYYY-MM-DD:mm

Expected result

When you enter a colon in the title for a note, you are given a warning saying it is an invalid character. I would expect the Daily Notes plugin to give a similar warning.

Actual result

If you have a colon in your Date format, then when you attempt to trigger Open today's daily note, nothing happens.

It does output an error in the console. But non-technical users may not know to look there.

I see users being confused by this:

Obsidian version: 0.13.4
Installer: 0.11.13

Additional information

This was tagged “Bug graveyard” in this thread but the issue still seems to be there now.