Daily Notes Plugin - Open Tomorrow's Note Button

I use the “Open today’s note” button every morning to start my day. At the end of the day I like to write what I need to get done for tomorrow. It would be amazing if there was a “Open tomorrow’s note” button below the today’s note button.


I agree! It would be nice for an easy way to open future “Today’s Notes”.

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Yes, please. I too use “open today’s note” every morning.

I’d love a “tomorrow” option. I copy tasks across manually now, but adding tasks to a Tomorrow file would be excellent.

BTW: I love Obsidian. It’s so useful. I take lots of notes every day. I used to use Bear and still do for notes with images, but Obsidian makes finding notes and accessing notes much easier.

Kudos to the developers for a brilliant app.


A geek way -
you can create a new daily note file with a similar file name, for example, when you create a new daily note file, OB will automatically name it for you with the preset file name(like 2020-09-19 dailynote). Then you only need to create a new note and change its file name(like 2020-09-20 daily note) You can go to “tomorrow” in advance by using hotkey.
And this is also a way to come back to the past… :laughing:


Have you also tried searching the forum for “daily notes”? People posted a lot of stuff including the templates for daily notes to include those “tomorrow” and “yesterday” links.

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How is your request different than the existing hotkeys to open previous and next daily note?

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The “Open next daily note” hotkey doesn’t create a new daily note for “tomorrow” if one does not already exist. Also I have a Daily Note template so, yes I could create a new note and copy and paste the title and the template contents, but wouldn’t it be easier to have a button to create the note for me via my template? And if it is already created it would bring me to it like the Today’s note button does.

Currently I save my to-do’s I didn’t get to in the previous day and then then I create the new note the next day (via the button) I copy and paste unchecked items to the new day.

I’ll look into other peoples solutions. I didn’t see anything as simple as this request though.


A related request if you want to manually type future dates into your notes: Creating or recognizing future daily notes inline while using folders

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I created another thread showing off a macro I made to create a new note with “tomorrow’s date” here

This is a temporary solution, until hopefully this feature could be added.

Super simple script to add a header to today’s note with links to yesterday’s and tomorrow’s note:

The Markdown for this header template can just be copied from one daily note to another and adjusted for each day or you can use a script to paste it with a shortcut of your choice (here with Autohokey)

<< Yesterday `[[link to yesterday's daily note]]` | `[[link to tomorrows's daily note]]` Tomorrow >>

`[[link to capture note]]`


your notes

Autohotkey script:

; Syntax
; ^ = CTRL
; ! = ALT
; + = SHIFT
; # = WIN
; :: = run when pressed keys together

^+d:: ; so here it will trigger pressing CTRL+SHIFT+D together
	yesterday := a_now
	yesterday += -1, days

	tomorrow := a_now
	tomorrow += 1, days

	FormatTime, tomorrow, %tomorrow%, yyyy-MM-dd
	FormatTime, yesterday, %yesterday%, yyyy-MM-dd

	SendInput, << Yesterday **[[Daily notes/%yesterday% | %yesterday%]]**{space}|{space}**[[Daily notes/%tomorrow% | %tomorrow%]]** Tomorrow >> 
	Send, {Enter}
	Send, {Enter}
	SendInput, **[[000 Capture]]**
	Send, {Enter}
	Send, {Enter}---
	Send, {Enter}


I have this on every daily note:

Thursday 24. september 2020

date [[2020-09-24]]
tags #daily
previous [[2020-09-23]]
next [[2020-09-25]]

And I have a Keyboard Maestro shortcut that inserts everything except the first line. So super easy to do. And also very easy to click through days to get back and forth in time.


:pray: adopting this!


Thanks @juen and @oyvind for your solutions.

I like the “Reading” section, I may start using that.

I use Keyboard Maestro so maybe I’ll writing something that puts something at the header in the same script I use to create “tomorrow’s note” with the correct date.

I think it would still be a beneficial feature to have the choice to have the button (and shortcut) for “tomorrow’s note” so that 1 it’s easy to open if you are deep in other notes, and 2 so it will create a new note for you if it doesn’t exist. I can use Keyboard Maestro, but I’d rather not tie the two apps together.

It would be nice if the keyboard shortcut/hotkey for next daily note would actually create a new daily note for a day in the future. But the current implementation is that it just tells you that there is no daily note after this one. Not a very useful behavior, and it would be easy enough to just have it create a new daily note for future dates.


Agree and +1 to this. Create tomorrow’s note on advance keyboard shortcut.

If you have the calendar up, you can create the note by clicking on the day. I have accidentally created notes for a week from today a couple times.


You can use Zettelkasten prefixer core pluging

set the formatting for the naming as the Daily note formating in my case I have it YYYYMMDDddd and set New File location to same folder where you keep your daily notes
and set template location to Daily Notes template

Optionally but recomended set a Shortcut key, when active it will create the next day or the day after that, ect.


Thank you Jose, have been waiting a long time for this, works a treat!

Thank you !! An easy solution