Daily Notes - Keyboard Maestro Macro To Create Note For Tomorrow (macOS)

I’ve been looking for an easier way to create a daily note for tomorrow if one doesn’t already exist. I’ve created a Keyboard Maestro macro to:

  1. Show the current daily note in Finder (in my use case this would be “Today’s Note”
  2. Create a copy of that file in the same directory
  3. Format the name of the new file to get rid of " copy"
  4. Copy the formatted name, which is the current date (YYYY-MM-DD)
  5. Increment the date
  6. Paste the new name
  7. Close the finder window and switch back to Obsidian


  • I use the “Show in folder” hotkey, which for this script is set to Command-Option-Control-F. So you will need to set that shortcut on your system, or change the macro to reflect whatever hotkey you set for that command
  • It copies the current note so if there is already a note for tomorrow you will get an error in Finder when renaming
  • It also will copy the contents of the current note, so once the Tomorrow note is created you will need to go to it and get rid of whatever you don’t want from Today’s note. I’m working on copying the template into the new note
    Once the macro finishes, you’ll still be on Today’s note, but if you have a shortcut for the next day’s note you can use that to switch to it.

I started a thread on the Requests section for a Tomorrow’s Note button, which I’d still much prefer over this.

Obsidian - Create Tomorrow’s Note.kmmacros.zip (1.7 KB)

Credit should go to ComplexPoint on this site