Daily Notes Organiser

There are community plugins to help organise daily notes. Also, there are plugins to add weekly and monthly notes.

I came up with my own technique to do the same without any additional plugins. I was inspired by paper organisers. I call it Daily Notes Organiser.

You can download the template Daily Notes Organiser.zip (207.6 KB)

In the template, you will find notes generated for the full year.

Feature preview

Daily note

  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Navigation to previous and next day
  • Calendar view with highlighted day

Weekly note

  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Navigation to previous and next week
  • 1 default todo item
  • Days - embedded preview of each day with navigation to it
  • Calendar view

Monthly note

  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Navigation to previous and next month
  • 1 default todo item
  • Weeks - embedded preview of each week with navigation to it
  • Calendar view

Yearly note

  • Quarters - embedded preview of each month with navigation to it

2022 version is available.

Daily Notes Organiser 2022.zip (195.6 KB)

2022 version is optimised for the live preview mode. It also includes few minor tweaks.


Are you planning on making a new one of these every year?

Yes, i’m using it myself. And already got the updated version for 2023.

If it gets more popular i would eventually build an online generator. But it doesn’t seem worth the effort at this stage.

@Saorsa Are you interested in 2023 version?

This is updated version for 2023

Daily Notes Organiser 2023.zip (144.6 KB)

I didn’t get any feedback so changes are based on my personal workflow. Some changes

  • weekly calendar in weekly and daily notes is replaced with monthly view, as I didn’t find it useful, but it add a lot of noise with backlinks
  • week and month tasks are embedded in weekly and daily notes. This is to be a reminder of higher level tasks in a single place.
  • “Finalise this week” replaced with “Finalise last week”, as you don’t need to wait the end of the week to tick it off. You do it at the start of the week. So you week starts with a tick :slight_smile:
  • few little things

I’m open for suggestions.

Because of less backlinks, the graph doesn’t look like a chain any more unfortunately.

and more pretty if we exclude year notes

For the reference, groups:

  • green - file:/2023[\s.]/
  • red - file:/2023-\d\d.md/
  • yellow - file:/\d{4}-W/
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You know, the graph view from your original post looks a lot like a slice of human cortical brain tissue.


One thing that I’ve started experimenting with is using canvas to make a month daily note dashboard. So far two weeks in I’m really starting to see the benefits of seeing it all layed out Infront of me. The context that you get from it is great.

I’m planning on updating this post at the end of the month to give more info on how it’s gone.

But I thought this would be the next evolution of your method now that Canvas is here :ok_hand:

Great idea @HeavenIdeas I added two canvas overviews.

“2023 Canvas” has yearly and monthly overview:

“2023 Mega Canvas” has monthly + weekly + daily preview

Updated collection:
2023-01-30 Daily Notes Organiser 2022-2023.zip (302.3 KB)

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this is great! did you also use templater for this? i’d love to customise this for myself. (i love that you’ve supplied a whole year of pages, but it’s more helpful for me if i don’t create notes for days in the future :slight_smile: )

i’m still seeing how much of my workflow i want to switch from notion to obsidian – one of the things i still haven’t figure out how to work in is my “weekly note” template, see below. this organiser of yours feels similar to what i want to make!

while i’ve been struggling with templater and figuring out how to embed notes for this, i came to realise that i mainly think in weeks – the monthly note just gathers up the weeklies, and the weeklies depend on the daily notes (but it’s more helpful for me to see my daily notes in the context of the week).

have yet to figure out how to implement this notion template of mine into obsidian. thanks to dataview, etc there’s actually a few more things i’d like to throw into my daily notes (they’re currently implemented as different calendar databases in notion)…