Daily note workspace automatic update

Use case or problem

If I save a daily note to a workspace, I need to update the workspace every day as the workspace saves the static page rather than the new daily note.

Proposed solution

Have an option to add a daily note as a ‘special’ dynamic page that works with the daily notes plugin which updates each day.

Current workaround (optional)

At the moment I have a homepage that is a placeholder in my ‘home’ workspace that I go to, then using my daily note hotkey. This means I use 2 hotkeys to get back to my home workspace instead of one.


+1. I would find workspaces much more helpful for the way I use Obsidian if the daily note refreshed to the ‘right’ one every day.


Just yesterday I thought about how cool it would be to Star or Pin my daily note and it would always be the newest one. Having it integrated into Workspaces is also a clever idea. Big +1


As a hacky workaround it might be possible to write a shell script that searches for the path of yesterday’s note in the workspace file and replaces it with today’s, and set the script to run automatically on a schedule.

If that doesn’t break anything you’d prolly still need to reload Obsidian for it to take effect, and you’d have to find a way to run it automatically on mobile.

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