Daily note workspace automatic update

Use case or problem

If I save a daily note to a workspace, I need to update the workspace every day as the workspace saves the static page rather than the new daily note.

Proposed solution

Have an option to add a daily note as a ‘special’ dynamic page that works with the daily notes plugin which updates each day.

Current workaround (optional)

At the moment I have a homepage that is a placeholder in my ‘home’ workspace that I go to, then using my daily note hotkey. This means I use 2 hotkeys to get back to my home workspace instead of one.


+1. I would find workspaces much more helpful for the way I use Obsidian if the daily note refreshed to the ‘right’ one every day.


Just yesterday I thought about how cool it would be to Star or Pin my daily note and it would always be the newest one. Having it integrated into Workspaces is also a clever idea. Big +1


As a hacky workaround it might be possible to write a shell script that searches for the path of yesterday’s note in the workspace file and replaces it with today’s, and set the script to run automatically on a schedule.

If that doesn’t break anything you’d prolly still need to reload Obsidian for it to take effect, and you’d have to find a way to run it automatically on mobile.

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+1 (and a less hacky workaround for now might be to use one of the plugins that does macros, so you could have it invoke the workspace and then invoke the daily note? haven’t set this up myself, don’t know how you’d ensure the right pane was in focus, but might be possible?



That would be great.

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This would be useful customizable feature to Workspaces (on or off) — however currently Workspaces doesn’t feature settings page at all. Any discussion about customization features to Workspaces should include other related discussions about Workspaces customization.

@CawlinTeffid What do you think about using Shell commands plugin event variable Event: Switching the active pane and general variable {{workspace}} to implement workspace‑switching‑related automatic action.

Here is the list of related customization ideas to Workspaces:

  • Should Workspaces save layout (yes/no), save open files (yes/no)
  • Should Workspaces save plugin settings (yes/no)
  • should Workspaces save appearance settings like font used, zoom level
  • should Workspaces save folders closed/open in file browser
  • this FR propose explicit way to inspect different Workspaces configurations
  • this nice FR propose Workspaces configuration so that notes in specific folders (or tagged with specific tags) are associated to specific workspaces. Shell commands plugin implements folder, tag and yaml‑based file view events and Advanced URI plugin implements a command to switch to a specific workspace
  • how workspaces are ordered in workspace switcher

+1 this would be really helpful

+1 - This would be great

Plus one from me as well. It’s very useful for me that Workspaces saves the Canvas zoom state. This has enabled me to actively use Canvas in my daily workflow. But now the problem is that I have to remember to check whether or not my daily note is actually from today, before I touch it. It does create quite a bit of friction for me.

As a side note, I switched to the Journals community plugin in place of Daily Notes, one reason being that it comes with an embedded ‘Today’ button which at least takes me to the current note a bit more quickly. It’s not really a proper workaround though. I still have to remain alert enough to remember to use the button any time I’ve loaded the workspace.

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Hi @Lia_the_nun. Have you checked QuickAdd macros? You can chain multiple commands to one. To open specific workspace you need to use Advanced URI combined with Shell commands or URI commands (older plugin).


@blue_emperor Thanks for the tip. There’s a bit of a learning curve for me but I’m adding this to my learning list!