Daily note plugin creates duplicate notes rather than opening the existing entry

My daily note is currently duplicated if I open Obsidian for a second time on the same date, rather than opening the existing note.

This does not happen when using the default note format YYYY-MM-DD. However as I prefer to have notes stored in subdirectories the format I use is /YYYY/MM-MMMM/YYYY-MM-DD. This results in duplicates being created as /YYYY/MM-MMMM/YYYY-MM-DD-1.

How can I fix this?

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I made a similar bug report a long time ago. I wish I could do this too. Using folders in the template like that isn’t supported. Daily Notes, next and previous fail when using folder in template

I’m not sure if there is a workaround.

Consider making a feature request. (Search first, if someone else did.)

The Periodic Notes plugin supports this. I’m using YYYY/YYYY-MM-DD.

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