Daily note plugin creates duplicate notes rather than opening the existing entry

My daily note is currently duplicated if I open Obsidian for a second time on the same date, rather than opening the existing note.

This does not happen when using the default note format YYYY-MM-DD. However as I prefer to have notes stored in subdirectories the format I use is /YYYY/MM-MMMM/YYYY-MM-DD. This results in duplicates being created as /YYYY/MM-MMMM/YYYY-MM-DD-1.

How can I fix this?

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I made a similar bug report a long time ago. I wish I could do this too. Using folders in the template like that isn’t supported. Daily Notes, next and previous fail when using folder in template

I’m not sure if there is a workaround.

Consider making a feature request. (Search first, if someone else did.)

The Periodic Notes plugin supports this. I’m using YYYY/YYYY-MM-DD.

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I am having this issue as well. Everytime I click the daily note shortcut on the right toolbar it opens a new duplicate with an increasing number appended.

My filename format:
YYYY // MM MMM // DD-MM-YYYY – ddd - WW

Is there a fix, or workaround? And what formatting IS properly supported? I currently have no templates

The core Daily Notes plugin doesn’t support folders in the filename format as far as I know. The Periodic Notes plugin does., so that’s the workaround.

But it probably won’t accept those double slashes (//) because they would indicate unnamed folders.

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I use: YYYY/MM-MMMM/YYYY-MM-DD as my filename format and it works. I see the shortcut always on the left side, so hope we are talking about the same icon. Try removing the double slash

works on 1.0 and previous versions

Indeed works with the / now! Thanks!!!

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