Cybertron theme + Cyber LYT

Yellow is the text color. Do you want to change that or the background color of the Yellow text part?

If it’s the former try:

h1 {
    color: red or whatever you'd like;

If it’s the latter, try:

h1 {
    background-color: red or whathaveyou;

I’m talking about the back yellow semi-transparent background when I go to settings or ctrl+P\O.
This background goes to the entire program, except for the settings and is not contained in CSS
.theme-dark { }


--background-primary: #2f3136;
--background-secondary: #141414;

Change to whatever colors you like.

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Hi @nickmilo,

Fine line between crazy and genius :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.

I absolutely adore this theme. Much like your other materials, to say anything less than that it is an inspiration would be an understatement. Re. the theme, I particularly like the choice of colours and ofc that it is a dark theme. It really comes to life with your LYT kit’s full setup - local graph display (for the current file) on the bottom left, sliding windows, the tag pane on the right (with sub-tags, order, etc.) - bringing together the best of Obsidian.

Thanks to you (and the rest of the community behind obsidian), I have already managed to put out more thoughts than I thought I thought.

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No, it changes the color of the regular background . And I need to change the semi-transparent background that appears when enter the settings
regular background:

When setting or ctrl+P\O on:

Sorry mate, I don’t know about that. Maybe try the Obsidian’s CSS channel over at Discord.

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@Gregor - you’re looking for this:

.modal-bg {
  background-color: rgba(252, 246, 1, 0.1);

Add that to the bottom of the .css file, or as a snippet, and change the color as desired.


Thanks @Erisred !

@Gregor , please share what you change it to. Maybe it can work it’s way into the main theme, you never know!

I never cared for the yellow either, so I pulled a couple of colors from the theme, and keep flipping back and forth.

pink (from the text color): rgba(214,105,188,0.1)
plum (from some of the border accents: rgba(158,138,255,0.2)

I want to see @Gregor 's choice, too!

edit - oops, I posted the same color twice!

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Any chance you could share screenshots so we can ogle and see if there’s a strong winner in the forum?

Can you make the file/folder titles adjustable when the moving the pane for more space (Blue topaz and Obuntu themes have it)?

@nickmilo - Here are a couple with the colors I mentioned above. Note that I normally don’t roll with the modal this size, I shrunk it for better visibility of the background ‘mask’ layer.

Theme’s yellow hue for comparison:

Pink - a bit more subtle, because of the 0.1 opacity:


I should point out I don’t set Cybertron as my daily driver, so I haven’t bothered to customize it too very much. The yellow just somehow… didn’t mesh. To each their own, though. It’s a very nice theme, and I switch to it regularly for a change of pace.

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Adjustable how? As in make the font larger, more spaced out, etc.? What settings do you adjust in those other themes?

I can try to help if I know what you’re after :wink: .

Sorry for my English. I meant when you drag the pane towards the folders & notes, they don’t disappear under the pane but adjust?))

Not to worry. I just didn’t want to look for the wrong answer!

Pulled directly from Blue Topaz:

/* file explorer :Wrap long nav text */
.nav-folder-title {
  white-space: normal;
  width: auto;

Obuntu does things a little differently. It adds columns when wide enough (not a fan, but to each their own):

/* file explorer :Wrap long nav text */
.nav-folder-title {
  white-space: normal;
  width: auto;

/* file explorer : Indent wrapped nav text */
.nav-file-title-content {
  margin-left: 0px;
  text-indent: 0px;
  word-break: break-word;

/*----file explorer column view : slightly buggy ---- */
.nav-folder-children {
  column-width: 200px;

If you need help adding this, there’s plenty on these forums about adding custom snippets. If all else, you can ask here again.

Credit to @dubinindmitry and @whyI for their inspiration and code.


Thank you very much bro :pray: . I will figure it out…

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Hi bro,
Could you help me in creating indentation lines snippet like Obuntu and Cybertron for Blue Topaz theme… I tried some but they don’t work.

Thanks in advance

@munjanpour - I’ll take a look and see what I can do. I’ll DM you later today.

In the interest of keeping this thread on the topic of Cybertron, I won’t pollute it with snippets for another theme :wink: .

Thanks bro. Looking forward …

New Obsidian user and non tech guy here. I love this theme, but I got an issue with it that is causing friction in my writing process:

When I connect my MacBook Pro 15" to my external monitor 27" with resolution 1440p the line of text in edit mode get significantly more narrow. So much that writing becomes a bit uninspiring. Naturally when using a larger high res monitor one would expect wide blank spaces on the sides, but this is not that. It changes from being able to write 16 words average per line on my laptop screen to being only able to write average 12 words per line on my external monitor. Cybertron seems the most affected by this compared to other themes.

Anyone knows what is causing this or have suggestions for fix? Maybe @nickmilo can look at this? Love your LYT kit and videos btw.

Check screenshots
Note: I did a fresh install of Obsidian with no other plug-ins activated. Also tried on another MacBook. Same issue.

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