Cybertron theme + Cyber LYT

I can actually help here, too. Add this as a snippet and play with the max-width values. These seem to work for me. 1000px is the ‘break point’ for the display rule, so if it doesn’t jive, you can experiment with that part, too.

Note - copy this as-is. The indentations are important on a nested media query.

@media screen and (min-width: 1000px) { .markdown-preview-sizer {
    max-width: 900px;
  } .CodeMirror {
    max-width: 900px;

First one is for preview, second is for the editor.
I had similar problems when using a Surface. The resolution is really high for such a small screen.

Hope that helps!


Here’s a lighter version of Cybertron called Cyber LYT.

If I could, I’d make this part of the same theme, but I’m not that skilled with CSS.

obsidian.css (28.8 KB)

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Hi! I love the theme and your YouTube content. However I am having some trouble with the theme… Is there a way to change the way the links are displayed when they are highlighted? they are not really visible with the pink under the yellow highlighter…

Is Cyber LYT going to be available on Community Themes ?

You can change the css

Not anytime soon… should eventually be a part of the same theme

Thanks. Have a good day.

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Hi, This is the same file that you update in your GitHub repo?
When you download it from the Obsidian Theme browser it’s pulling from the master of that repo?

I have a issue with my css, every time I write a “-” for begin a list, the cursor take back to the upper line and I can’t select the list line to edit it anymore.

Yep, same one.

I think this might be a new bug not related to the theme that is getting squashed. (Or maybe I’m wrong, time will tell.)

Absolutely love this theme! Great job, @nickmilo !

Quick question though: the Obsidian v0.12.1 improvement “Quick font size adjustment” (Ctrl+Scroll) doesn’t seem to be working with the theme. Any suggestion on how to circumvent this issue? Thank you!

Not sure why, but if anyone knows, just let me know!

There were some strange updates recently…I think they are related somehow…so as of now I’m updating the theme to fix them. (Issues with Header spacing and toggle triangles positioning.)

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Hey @nickmilo thank you for bringing this smart theme to the community, after trying many of them, yours is definitely the most amazing one!

I got a problem (all external plug-ins and custom appearence and css snippets disabled) when I enable your cybertron theme.

There is no line break after a sublist and it feels weird.



feels cool!



the sublist is not followed by a line break…

I also talked about this problem in Line jump don’t occur after sublists

I looked in your .css a way to fix this but didn’t find how…

May you help me ?



The content font size is too small for me with respect to sidebar font.

What should I use in my CSS snippet to change only the content font ?

I added some code to make it more legible.

After adding script : Altered Cybertron

Original: Original
I am using Rubik Font, which I think is better than Avenir. (Google Fonts)

CSS Snippet

.markdown-preview-view {
  font-family: 'Rubik', sans-serif !important;

  /* only for cybertron theme */
  --background-primary: #161b22;
  --text-normal: #dedede;

That’s a really nice alt version, bravo!

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Love this theme Nick. On my screen, the font is super small. I tried using he tackpacd but id doesn’t work. Is there a way to increase font size without going into the cSS. I worry Ill screw things up in there. Thanks.

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I feel very embarrassed to ask such an elementary question here, but I’m new to the entire world of Obsidian and CSS, and getting frustrated because I read about adding CSS snippets, but in my Obsidian settings, there is no toggle to enable the CSS snippets. I’m not young but determined to learn. So, please tell me WHERE can I paste the CSS snippet I find here, to modify the appearance? I’d love to change the normal text to off-white from light blue in the Cybertron theme for example. I found the app CSS under developer tools and added the snippet there, but it didn’t change the text color. And when I closed and opened it again, my added code wasn’t even there anymore. Could you pls give me a very simple direction? Thanks! I’m on a Mac.

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I even changed the text color setting is obsidian.css like this: --text-normal: #dedede; but the light blue is still there.

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Hi @KrissyBP , don’t be embarrassed; that’s not an easy question. Go to your vault/folder on your computer. Find the .obsidian folder. On a mac you’ll have to press Cmd-shift-. to see hidden folders. Then find the snippets folder and drop the .css file in there

Thanks nickmilo, I’ll try and see.

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