Custom theme overridden

I’m trying to use a custom theme with Obsidian on macOS. I’ve read the help file which says where to put the css file. Done that. The file loads (I can see my declarations in the DevTool). Problem is, most of my styles (even simple h1s) are overridden by app.css while a minority of styles isn’t, and the result is a mess. My CSS isn’t very complicated and the file I’m using renders Markdown files exactly the same way both in Typora and DevonThink. Is there something else I need to do in order to make the styles apply in Obsidian? I don’t want to add !important everywhere (assuming it would work, I don’t know). Thanks.

Obsidian uses its own flavor of CSS, I think, in large part because of CodeMirror and Live Preview. Just dropping in a stylesheet from somewhere else isn’t going to work well unless it was made with Obsidian in mind.

Have a look here →

…and this post to get familiar with the Developer Console in Obsidian. I’d poke around in here to get an idea of how things are put together.

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