Cursor behaving very weirdly after changing font size not able to edit text

Steps to reproduce

I don’t think there are particular steps to reproduce it on any computer as it was working fine on my laptop till few days ago. But suddenly (yes without changing any setting) it started working abruptly. Thus I think it can only be reproduced on my laptop or person having similar problem.

steps to follow: Change font-size of editor either through slider or trackpad gesture and do it few times (lets say increase, decrease, increase).

Expected result

Cursor to behave normally.

Actual result

Then cursor starts behaving weirdly. But if I close editor or open other note it behaves fine until i change font-size. As soon as I change font size it starts behaving weirdly.

Behaviour observed

  • Size of cursor does not relate to font-size anymore it is some-time very small or large, even vary from line to line.
  • Cursor sometime spans 2 lines instead of 1.
  • Placement of cursor is weird, half line (like super script)
  • Does not go where mouse is clicked but jumps to random location
  • Using arrow keys does not move it properly: sometimes keep iterating same line if is use right arrow key to move it will go to end of line and start from that line again instead of going to next line. If i use down key it sometime jumps to random line instead of moving line by line.


  • Operating system: MacOS Big Sur
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.15

Things I already tried

  • uninstall obsidian (I was on older version when bug started)
  • deleted all cache and configuration files
  • installed new version (0.12.15)
  • created new fresh vault

Additional information


  • Just wanted to specifically say that cursor starts to behave normally when note is closed and opened again or new note is opened. Cursor behave weirdly when font-size is changed till note is re-opened.

I have the same issue on macOS with 0.12.15.

It also happens when the scrollbar on the right disappears, but not when it appears.

Typing a single character causes the cursor to start working properly again.

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Yes, I checked that. Typing one character makes cursor right again but it only happens for that particular paragraph/block. If I have 4 headings then I have to type/edit each heading to make cursor work right in each heading separately.

will be fixed 0.12.20

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