Cursor behaving weirdly for selecting text in headings after font-size change

I’m brand new to Obsidian, so my apologies if I’m missing info here you need to help solve issue.

What I’m trying to do

Select words in a wrapped heading (just some words, not all)


Issue: cursor behaving weirdly for selecting heading test after font-size change, so that a cursor the entire depth of multi-line wrapped heading appears and only allows me to select letters/words from the first line of the heading using my cursor.

It means I can’t select heading text I want to alter that is wrapped on following lines.

Theme: Prism
Font-size alteration: shifted from default to 20px in Settings/Appearance/Font size using slider.
Obsidian version: v0.13.23
OS: Windows 10

It seems to be a similar issue to what someone else experienced in the past but not identical (see here Cursor behaving very weirdly after changing font size not able to edit text)

Things I have tried

Changing font-size in Settings/Appearance to default, closing and re-opening Obsidian, same issue re-appears
Closing and re-opening notes, same issue re-appears

Edit: I also tried using the Obsidian standard theme instead and the cursor behaves normally, so does this mean it’s something to do with my Theme?

Thank you.

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