Current status on internal links in YAML frontmatter

I just wanted to check on the latest situation regarding adding [[links]] in YAML frontmatter.

I’ve seen this thread and in particular this answer from 2020 but wanted to check that this is still the latest advice today?

  1. If I add internal links in frontmatter, will that page be shown as a linked mention (backlink) in the associated page?

  2. Will internal links in YAML frontmatter be updated when the name of the linked page gets updated?

  3. Will YAML frontmatter be scanned for unlinked mentions?

Basically, just to know if that post is still the latest advice on this topic.


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I just tested this in my vault. I’m on the latest non-insider version of Obsidian, 0.14.15.

  1. No, nor does it show up as an outgoing link from the current page, nor in the graph view.
  2. No
  3. No, again neither for outgoing links or in the linked note’s backlinks.
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Thanks @scholarInTraining that helps to clarify. It would probably be worth mentioning in the docs. I had a look through but couldn’t see any mention of it when it’s actually quite an important thing to note before you travel too far down the wrong path.

I take it this advice about custom frontmatter is now outdated however as tags now seem to be officially supported and custom frontmatter in the top-most YAML block seems to be widely used?

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Yes both those things are true. I agree that the Obsidian help page on frontmatter could use some additional information about formatting and the other details you mention. I think there’s a way to suggest changes for those somewhere, perhaps on GitHub? Maybe others know more.

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