Ctrl+space to change keyboard layout doesn't work on Android

Steps to reproduce

  1. Connect additional keyboard to Android device
  2. Open Obsidian with file
  3. Try to change input language

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Expected result

Change input language

Actual result

ctrl+space doesn’t work to change input language. Need to exit from Obsidian for this and open again


 Operating system: android 13 (Xiaomi 23043RP34G)
 Obsidian version: 1.4.9 (108)
 API version: v1.3.7
 Login status: not logged in
 Live preview: off
 Legacy editor: off
 Base theme: dark
 Community theme: none
 Snippets enabled: 0
 Restricted mode: off
 Plugins installed: 0

Additional information

Original topic BT keyboard language layout bug(Android)

ok, it is weird that android doesn’t use the “win” key or equivalent for a global shortcut such as this.

It’s more weirder that you can’t change the shortcut to change the layout for physical keyboard :frowning: