Ctrl+space to change keyboard layout doesn't work on Android

Steps to reproduce

  1. Connect additional keyboard to Android device
  2. Open Obsidian with file
  3. Try to change input language

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Expected result

Change input language

Actual result

ctrl+space doesn’t work to change input language. Need to exit from Obsidian for this and open again


 Operating system: android 13 (Xiaomi 23043RP34G)
 Obsidian version: 1.4.9 (108)
 API version: v1.3.7
 Login status: not logged in
 Live preview: off
 Legacy editor: off
 Base theme: dark
 Community theme: none
 Snippets enabled: 0
 Restricted mode: off
 Plugins installed: 0

Additional information

Original topic BT keyboard language layout bug(Android)

ok, it is weird that android doesn’t use the “win” key or equivalent for a global shortcut such as this.

It’s more weirder that you can’t change the shortcut to change the layout for physical keyboard :frowning:

Same problem I do have with physical (not BT) keyboard Xiaomi on Android 13 TQK1.221114.001 MIUI Obsidian v. 1.4.16
Please fix

Unfortunately it seems that this shortcut doesn’t work in any web-based components. Even in a plain google search box.

Depending on your Android version/manufacturer/ROM you may have the option to change the hotkey to something else (or get a choice in three) like shift+alt, but I tried that and it doesn’t work either.

It doesn’t seem like there’s anything we can do to fix this. Most likely the fix will either have to come from Android or your keyboard app.

After update to Hyper OS my mi pad 6 can change input language keyboard with command+space in “problem” applications. But this hotkey doesn’t display anywhere. Maybe it helps someone

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Man, you just saved me from returning my keyboard back to store. Thanks! :+1: