Ctrl C on an empty line should not copy the line

Use case or problem

I will try to explain this...

First I did a plugin duplicate line, just updated to do line copies like in VSC. it was not intentional but I came to the same behaviour…
So here is my problem related to this:
When doing a Ctrl C Ctrl V, sometime you do a mistake doing a second Ctrl C, which is not a problem because you put the cursor somewhere with no selection and the content of
the first copy stay the same (because no new selection where found). So you can still do another Ctrl V.
But in obsidian if you do this (the Ctrl V) you will trigger duplicate line.
It’s a good idea in theory this default behaviour in Obsidian, but this is quite difficult to find and remember when needed (first times of course), and I think it’s a shame to loose the behaviour of copy paste I’ve described.
Of course if there is a selection, it’s not working.
But it could prevent from loosing important temporary copy doing a typing error

Are you saying Ctrl C on an empty line should not copy the line?

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yes for the reasons I gave before

Thanks. I’ve changed the thread title to make that clearer. (Was: “Ctrl C Ctrl V copy line.”)

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Just replying to say that it doesn’t seem to behave this way with Cmd-C on MacOS. I don’t have access to Windows/Linux to test there.

In Mac, Cmd-C on no selection does not alter the clipboard, in my tests.

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