Option to disable Ctrl+C auto-copying entire line if nothing is selected, and instead do nothing


I am currently getting really annoyed by the fact that pressing ctrl-c without previously selecting text still copies the line the cursor resides in. Apparently this is not a bug, but it is a behavior I would be very happy to freely disable.

Some editors do this, but most do not. Of all the editors and word processors I could test, this seems to be default behavior only in Visual Studio Code and Obsidian.

R Studio, Notepad++, Word, Octave, Matlab, SciTE, plain notepad (and AHK Studio, but nobody here will know that probably) all don’t do this.

I would be very happy if this could be toggled off. Both from a normal user’s perspective who probably doesn’t expect this behavior*, and from my perspective as it can be very problematic for me. If nothing is selected, the user doesn’t expect ctrl-c to muddy the clipboard, which can be problematic if the user is keeping some relevant info on there and has to go and recopy it again.

I solve most my problems I have with obsidian with autohotkey, and checking if text is selected relies on checking if I can copy stuff to the clipboard. If that is always the case, there are a lot of problems ahead for me, and a good bit of functionality I can write off now.

Thank you,

* Considering word doesn’t have it as default, and word-like behaviour is what is often expected as default - even if the software doesn’t have a lot in common with it, like obsidian.