CSS Snippet for Delashum's obsidian-checklist-plugin

EDIT: Minimal theme Version 2.5.5 now has support for the Checklist plugin by delashum!

I’ve made a simple CSS snippet for delashum checklist plugin.

Disclaimer: Not an expert on CSS nor in Sveltejs, this is a snippet provided as is but let me know what you think. Happy tinkering!

Good to know:

  • This was designed with the minimal theme in mind but the default theme should work just as good.
  • Use the “Compact” look and feel from its settings.


  • Compact font size
  • Margin resized to fit the compact feel with good horizontal spacing
  • Accented drop-down arrow colour on hover
  • Cursor that mimics Obsidian’s file explorer (left side-bar)
  • Fixed cursor so it only shows pointer on checkbox


checklist.css (1.1 KB)

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Thanks! That’s what I needed.

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