CSS settings for linebreak appearance?

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What I’m trying to do

Hi all!

Just looking for a way to make linebreaks more prominent in appearance on the screen. I notice when I change between themes that there are different linebreak renditions, and was wondering if it is possible to modify linebreaks by making them a thicker line or perhaps a different color.


Things I have tried

A CSS snippet can do it. When searching for existing snippets you’ll want to using terms like horizontal (bar, line, rule), or “thematic break” which is what the HTML version is called now. I don’t recall seeing them called linebreaks before (until the end of your post I thought you meant newlines).

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Ah, good catch Cawlin. I was thinking a marker for end-of-line carriage returns or blank lines. A horizontal rule (hr) makes sense here.

If it’s indeed that, for simply adjusting color and thickness, you could use this CSS:

body { 
    --hr-color: var(--background-modifier-border);
    --hr-thickness: 2px;

The above are the default values, so you’d, for example, change it to:

body {
    --hr-color: var(--color-red);
    --hr-thickness: 3px;

…or if you wanted to get really fancy:

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