Creating or recognizing daily notes inline in the editor

Opening notes from within the editor for future dates creates the notes in the new note folder, instead of the daily note folder. The daily note button in the ribbon does recognize the notes regardless of the folder they’re in.

This is relevant if one is creating links to dates inline, e.g. by using NLP or text expanders, but even doing so manually right now brings up a pane that suggests the new note folder, in my case seedbox:




I’m thinking of a workaround or ‘plugin’ that moves YYYY-MM-DD into the daily folder.

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Maybe a more general “cleaner”

  • with customizable dictionary {“regex1”: “relpath1”, “regex2”: “relpath2”}
  • which detects when a file appears in given folder,
  • matches it’s name against list of regular expressions
  • and when the match occurs,
  • then moves the file to corresponding relative path.
  • Relative paths in dictionary could be specified also as regular expressions to allow reusing matched subgroups like “\1”, “\2” or “$1”, “$2” matched in initial regex in parentheses “(.*)”.
  • for example file “” would be moved to directory “2020/12/13” due to dictionary {"(20\d\d)(\d\d)(\d\d).*\.md": "\1/\2/\3"}
  • methods to reference current folder, root folder, … are discussed e.g. in related thread/request: Choose path when pasting images

If I mark a task with a future date inside square brackets and then click on the link it would be great if Obisidian could detect that this link is a date in my daily notes format and, if that note doesn’t exist somewhere, and the daily notes plugin is activated, offer to build the note in the daily notes folder.

At present it just creates an empty note in my default notes folder. I was hoping that when I finally get to the real daily note I would see all the tasks scheduled for that date in the backlinks but in fact I see nothing because the tasks are linked to an empty note with the same name in the default folder.


Yeah, this bugs me a bit too. I routinely search for date notes in the root and manually move them. It would be nice to have them created in the daily notes folder.

My bad, I should have done a better search first. This looks like a duplicate of @argentum’s issue here Creating or recognizing future daily notes inline while using folders