Choose path when pasting images

I believe you can in fact rename directly from Obsidian - if you put the cursor on the image link and hit alt+enter it will open in a page as if it’s an Obsidian note, and you can change the title and have all links update just like you can with markdown.
It’s more context-switching than it should be, I’d prefer them automatically named based on the ‘parent’ note, but it’s been okay for me for now


:exploding_head: Whoa.

Thanks! I had completely missed that. That is a good enough workaround for me for the time being.

A simple keyboard shortcut like alt-enter that allows renaming without changing notes (similar to the linking tooltip) :+1:

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I’ve found two different feature requests that are similar to mine but not the same:

What I am looking for is different.

I’d love for Obsidian to be able to create whatever I paste in the folder that I am in, when pasting.

In other words, I might be in:


…but, if I paste, whatever I paste either ends up in the root or in the folder that I’ve assigned to contain my pasted object.

I’d simply like the folder to differ depending on where in Obsidian I am working at the moment. I’d love not to be in /personal/books/reviews/50shadesofpink/ and subsequently have to drag-and-drop fifty (!) objects from the root to my current location.



I support this wholeheartedly!

I came here with the same request. A single attachments folder per vault is definitely better than them all being in root. But my ideal would be to be able to specify an attachment sub-folder per high-level folder. A new image would then save to the “nearest” attachment folder on its path.


Hi all, I would find it very useful to have an attachment folder per topic in a particular vault. For example Vault 1 has four separate topic folders. I would like to see an attachment folder for each of the four separate topics – they are different historical eras.
Trust this makes sense and meets wil approval, but if it is not possible, this is still an amazing software package. Thank you very much.


Agree, it’s unsolved problem. Not sure if there’s one-size-fits-all approach.

Providing more configurable options would be a positive development though. Being able to define default folders depending on where in the folder structure one is, would be a welcome improvement.


ZimDesktopWiki put attachments to a separate folder for each note. I checked it again and its very similar to Obsidian and more.


In terms of UX, something that could be done is just keep the same input and allow for the user to put a relative path or an absolute path.

For example:


Would be in the root, while:




Would be relative.

yep relative folders would work for me as well

especially if ./ is allowed - eg save image in same path as note.

Heres a related post with some
more suggestions to follow typoras approach as well

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I never expected this request of mine to be my most popular forum post. :man_shrugging:t2:

I read the thread about open sourcing obsidian and read a very good reply by @Silver on aligning incentives.

So I think I will put up money where my mouth is. I will donate 50 USD for every feature below that is possible.

  1. Upon copy paste an image to a ${filename}.md, and the image can go to ./${filename}.assets
  2. Upon copy paste an image to a ${filename}.md, and the image can go to current folder (./)
  3. I can choose to apply the copy paste rule to in an exclusive OR manner i.e. local images XOR online images

Hope this helps

Tagging @Silver, @Licat who I think are the obsidian team


I need this feature too. Has it been already added?

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This would be really fantastic. If images (and other files) were automatically copied to ${filename}.assets/ and then linked with a relative path in the .md file, the note would finally open seamlessly in other markdown editors and on other computers (like if the project directory was in dropbox).

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+1 would also really love to see this!

I gave this a go using the Templater plugin. It’s a hacky solution for my specific use case but it is working well for me.


@dae @kimstacks
I developed a plugin which allow users to modify attachment folder path and pasted image name with variables(i.e ${filename}, ${date}).

Don’t forget to STAR me if you like it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.


The plugin only work with obsidian newer than v0.12.17. (Current stable version is v0.12.15, insider v.0.12.19). It’s possible to support older version (just hook cm.__handler.paste) but the solution is not that stable.


I don’t understand what you mean. Maybe I can help you. You can donate me and I donate obsidian then I will upgrade to “VIP”. :upside_down_face:


@RainCat : Thank you for the plugin! It works very well and is exactly what I needed!!!

I also like to note that the default obsedian file naming causes problems with nextcloud. The Nextcloud web ui does currently not display internal images in md files if the url contains spaces or other characters that are html encoded.

Easy way already implemented

Settings >> Files & Links >> Default Locations of new attachments >> choose a folder


Thanks! it solved my problem!
I choosed “same folder as current file”