Create notes with your voice using Alexa/GoogleHome & more! [Obsidian Webhooks]

My plugin / service got merged into the community store last night.

The idea was to cut a hole in the internet that routes information from online services to your local vault. A simple example is using ifttt + google home to say things like “okay google write down hotdogs are tacos”. The string “- hotdogs are tacos” will then be appended to a file.

If that’s confusing to you I also tried to make a video explaining it:


Someone reached out to let me know the manifest id misaligned with the community json. This should be fixed now. Let me know if there are any issues!

Another bug fix just went out. If you installed it and it updated the same note in a loop. This is fixed in 0.0.3.

Shoutout to Piglet in discord and Aaron Bopp on GitHub for reporting.

What is your privacy policy – since you are using a third party to transport user data, it seems reasonable to know how privacy, encryption, access is handled.

  • I’ll try to do one of those privacy policy generators and add a link.
  • From a technical sense all your data is stored in Firebase Realtime Database. Their privacy policy is as such Privacy and Security in Firebase
  • Ive configured the database access control rules to make it so your user can only read your own stored notes and after obsidian syncs them they are wiped from the database.
  • No extra encryption is implemented other than at the transport layer and encryption at rest implemented at the firebase layer Prywatność i bezpieczeństwo w Firebase
  • The source code for the service is open source tracked in the same place as the plugin. It would be possible to self host the service on your own firebase account if you know how to do that.

Hi, I think that I’ve found that it need to have Obsidian running in background. Isn’t it?

This is a big disadvantage, because OSs tend to stop background processes. Would be any solution for this?

You don’t need to keep obsidian running. It holds the notes on the server until the next time you use obsidian then it syncs them all down and deletes them.

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And, do you know how to make it run in Android when the screen is locked? It works for Google Keep but not for Obsidian.