Android Voice Notes to Obsidian

I have been spending a lot of time trying to easily add voice notes from my phone to Obsidian for those times I am just walking around and think of something.
I really wanted a way to just pull out my phone, say something, and have it save. If I cant do that in a couple of seconds I tend to lose my train of thought.

Anyways enough back story. I came up with a crazy workaround and fairly complex way of doing this:
(sorry for the poor quality video)

I basically use Tasker on my phone to trigger a voice memo. It then pushes the voice text to a webserver I built which appends a specific .md file with the voice text. The webserver then syncs with Google Drive to update the file across all my devices (this is why in the video it takes a few seconds to catch up).

Unfortunately, this is not scalable to others to use (custom built for my accounts), but it was a fun proof of concept and (complex) solution to my need.



I’m looking for something like this but totally freehand. I’m working outside and I don’t want to catch my phone, only talk to my headphones.

Have you any clue?

Could you share your tasker script?

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