Create new note in quick switcher

It’s now possible to create new file in quick switcher only when there are no results. I would like to have that option always available, visible as last item in the list.


Agreed! In my opinion there should be two options for this:

  1. Keyboard shortcut such as Shift + Return
  2. An option in the GUI, probably should show up in the list either 2nd or 6th (since the list is capped at 5 search results)

I think a simple option might be: start typing, and if your text is a substring of an existing note, it would show highlighted autocomplete for the first match. If you press backspace, however, your input no longer matches a note, and you can just press enter to create the note.

I mentioned it in reply to another feature suggestion, but I think the input box in nValt ( is just about perfect. At the risk of sounding repetitive, this is probably my favorite feature of this app, and would work perfectly in Obsidian.

  1. It combines search for titles as well as search IN files. This is handled smoothly by title matches showing up above in file matches in the results list.
  2. It handles creation and title search. If your search finds nothing, pressing enter creates the note. If it finds something, pressing enter opens the first result. If it finds something and you want to create a note that is a substring, you just press backspace to clear the suggestion, then press enter, and you have a new note.

Additionally, the app has a global hotkey, which will open up it and focus the search box, so you just start typing. Shaves precious seconds off when you have something to write down.

Will be added in 0.6.6


It’s already possible, Shift+Enter to create. Moving to archive.

It’s great that SFT+Enter creates a note.

Yes, but at the same time, there is Enter to Create on QuickSwitcher. Can you please add an option to turn this off?

This is because I often press Return when I’m typing in a hurry, and it creates a lot of unintended notes.

This may be a Mac-only problem, but it may be because both Enter and Return are lumped into the same Return in the OS. :neutral_face: