Create a new note in a new pane

I’ve found time and time again that creating a new note happens in my currently active panel, unless it is pinned. That’s confusing, as I usually don’t want to lose track of the current note I’m looking at, but I also wouldn’t want to pin it.

Based on the way external links work

  • To follow a link in a new panel from the Editor, click the link while pressing Ctrl/Cmd-Shift‘’

I expected that Cmd-Shift-N would create a new note in a new panel. (Sadly, it doesn’t)

Am I using Obsidian with the wrong expectations or somebody else also finds themselves wanting to create a new note in a new window? Heart this post if you do.

I guess my desire could be satisfied if I remember to Pin the panel… but then I’d need a “Pin panel” hotkey to be able to execute the following workflow without using the mouse:

  1. Open a note
  2. Read the note, get inspired for a new note
  3. Pin the current note so I don’t lose it
  4. Create a new note on the side

Having a “new note in new panel” hotkey would reduce the above steps to just 3.


Possibly related: Hotkey to toggle Pinning on/off

I completely agree! Would love for Cmd+Shift+N to open a new note in a new pane. This allows me to jot down my thoughts in this new note, and return to the previous not with minimal change to the viewport.

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This one is available in 0.8.11

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