Create a link to a new file in a different folder

How do you create a new file in a different folder through a link. ie typing a [[link]] to a file in another folder. When I do it like this [[folder/file]] and then click on it, it says that the file already exists. The file is created but something isn’t quite right. What’s the correct way of doing this.

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You only need the hierarchy to the page if it has a duplicate somewhere else in the vault.

Yes. If you want to link to a file. But my question is about how to create a file in a different directory through a link. You have to specify the hierarchy of where you want it to be created

New files are created at the root directory by default or in a directory specified under settings > File & Links > Default location for new notes. After you create the file simply open it, cmd-p for the command pallet, type “move” and hit enter, and then move it to where you want it to go.

I know how to do that. But that’s again not what I’m asking about. I often create files from my daily notes. I want them to be in a different folder. Maybe someone else knows how to do this.

Can you list out exact steps of what you are doing and what you want the outcome to be?

Here is what I just did:

  1. Open my daily note
  2. Write a link to [[Projects/NewProj001]]
  3. Clicked to follow link

It created the file in that folder where we wanted it to go, you are saying you are seeing a different behavior or?

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Thank you. They must have fixed this since the last time I tried this. It’s been on my list to ask for quite a while. When I last tried it I would get an error message every time. I just tried it now and it works.