Create a dynamically updated page with links to tagged headings

What I’m trying to do

I have a single large file for each year’s journal. Each yearly journal has notes as H2 headings, each tagged with various tags.

So, in a file called “2023” I have headers as such:

## My First Header #tag1 #tag2
Some text here related to this note

## My Second Header #tag1
Other note

Then I also have files called “2022”, “2021” etc with the same structure.

I want to create a dynamically updated page for each tag. It should link to the H2 headings in each page that are tagged as such.

- [[2023#My First Header #tag1]]
- [[2023#My Second Header #tag1]]
- [[2022#My Third Header #tag1]]

Things I have tried

The solutions I’ve seen focus on linking to pages that include the tags, not to headers themselves. I understand this is because Obsidian works better if you use 1 page = 1 note.

  • Dataview / DQL only works on the page-level, so I cannot use it to query headings within a tag.
FROM "#doing"
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