Could arrows between notes in Canvas appear as arrows in the Graph as well?

…that would be especially useful to me while using the local-graph-view.

Use case or problem

I started to create a plan for the initial state of my startup, as a note with links to other child notes themselves linking to other notes, each note describing different parts… And then I decided to displays all those part in a canvas, which is more clear and visual, connecting all those notes with arrows. And then I started to continue to build my plan directly in the canvas, adding new notes and new arrows between them…
But the arrows in the canvas itself does not create links in the graph or local-graph-view, nor any backlink.
… Then I would need to go back to my main note and continue to build my plan as well from there, as well as in the canvas… Which means I would need to have a redundant building process, creating my linking-structure in a canvas as well as in notes…

Proposed solution

It would be way easier if any arrow I create between notes in a canvas would appear as a link between the same notes, everywhere in obsidian, in the graph and local graph view.

Current workaround (optional)

creating a link in a note every time i add an arrow in a canvas.

Related feature requests (optional)

linked to this, there is already a FR asking to link all the notes inside a canvas as child notes of that canvas… which would be great as well: Canvas: Cards and Notes in Links/Backlinks and Outgoing Arrows in Graph View - #47 by roomba


It really is a mystery to me why the developers are so hesitant about this. Given the access to the source code it should be relatively easy to implement this functionality. This is a very obvious feature to add as well and was requested multiple times. The lack thereof makes Obsidian somewhat crippled in contrast to multiple alternatives and makes multiple users stop using either canvases or the Obsidian altogether. It was even suggested that some funding can be provided to the developers if they are unable/unwilling to implement this otherwise. Please, anyone, shed some light: why not?!


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