Have arrows in canvas automatically create links between notes

Use case or problem

I’d like to request an option for having arrows drawn in a canvas between two notes create links to each other within each of the notes.

For example: if I have note A and note B in a canvas and I draw an arrow between A and B making some connection between them, a link to B would be created in note A and a link to A would be created in note B. So that when looking in the notes I see that connection.

Proposed solution

New feature.

Current workaround (optional)

Do it manually

Related feature requests (optional)

I’m new to this and apologize if there is something similar. I think this is in the same ball park: Canvas: Cards and Notes in Links/Backlinks and Outgoing Arrows from Canvas in Graph View

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Where would Obsidian put this link? At the top of the note? At the bottom? I guess there could be a setting, “Append new links to top of note” or something like that (but then there’s frontmatter…).

My preference would be at the bottom.