Copying lists in Obsidian should behave similar to Logseq/Roam (no extra spaces)

This post is similar to Intelligent Pasting of Lists so could be merged if mods determine it to be the same issue.

See how Obsidian treats copying/pasting list elements that are indented:
Screen Recording 2023-09-03 at 14.57.26

Then see how Loqseq treats the same copy/paste:
Screen Recording 2023-09-03 at 15.06.37

Obsidian should follow a similar behavior to Logseq.

More on my use case: use Obsidian at work and we work from Google Docs or Notion primarily, but I often work solo in Obsidian for a long time before getting ideas out into Notion or GDocs.

We have lots of documents that are written in an outliner-style format. And when it becomes time to copy and paste from Obsidian, 99% of the time the first bullet I want to copy is not the farthest left indented bullet. So it means going through an entire document and manually deleting extra space.


I wonder what would happen if you want the current behaviour… I can’t think of much benefit to keeping it. Regardless, I think this suggestion is superior for my case and most others.

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