Copy Obsidian Settings to a Separate Configuration for Mobile

I’m on iOS and trying to do something that seems simple, but I’m missing something. I’m using Obsidian Sync and here’s what I want to do:

Setup a different obsidian configuration for my iPad than my laptop (for example: .obsidian-mobile).

Copy my existing laptop settings into the new .obsidian-mobile folder as a starting point.

Sync those settings to the iPad and then modify and adjust.

I started by copying my .obsidian folder on my laptop in a synced vault to .obsidian-mobile thinking that folder would sync but obviously only the active configuration folder syncs so when I set my iPad to .obsidian-mobile it’s a blank, empty configuration.

Is there any way on iOS to “copy” an existing .obsidian folder into a new folder (i.e. .obsidian-mobile) to have a starting point for a new setup?


@Spduck I have the same challenge … did you find a solution in the meantime?
The problem seems to be that iOS is not showing the “dot-Folder”.

I just checked my sync status, although I sync “everything” I don’t see an entry that shows a sync of the new “.mobile” folder.

I found a solution via this topic and using the Textastic App:

I added the vault as external folder (you don’t see the .obsidian folder when you navigate to your vauld files).
Then when I open this new external folder I see the .obsdian folder, duplicated and renamed it.
Used this folder in the override settings in the About area.
Worked fine for me

Here is my temporary solution:

  1. Create an empty vault on my laptop and set the configuration folder to .obsidian-mobile. Then configure the vault how I want the mobile vault to be configured and set this empty vault to synch and synch settings.
  2. In the mobile app set it to .obsidian-mobile and set it to sync settings.

This seems to have worked and the updated settings on the laptop synced to the mobile app. However it is a complicated workaround. There should be ways to completely manage a configuration with css snippets on mobile without have to create settings outside the mobile app, use other apps, etc.

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I was very troubled to handle snippets on iOS too.
So, I made Screwdriver to solve this problem.
I hope that It helps you.