Copy Image to Clipboard (Obsidian -> Clipboard)

Use case or problem

I’m collecting or creating new images (Excalidraw plugin that auto-renders a PNG) inside Obsidian. I regularly want to be able to copy the image to a clipboard to share out with others via Discord or Google Docs.

A quick example: I’ll maintain many excalidraw diagrams in Obsidian. I regularly want to quickly “copy-n-paste” the current image to someone via Discord chat/Google Chat/Google Doc. Rather than right-clicking on the PNG file and opening file explorer to copy the image, I’d love to be able to right-click tine PNG and copy to clipboard and just paste it.

Proposed solution

I don’t have a proposed solution This involves a deeper knowledge of whether this is feasible for the wide variety of OS clipboards for which Obsidian is built. I hope someone more familiar with this can provide a potential solution.

Current workaround (optional)

Right clicks on the image, open the file folder it lives in, then drag-n-drop the file or open & copy-to-clipboard.

Related feature requests (optional)

I searched but might not have used the right words. Seems like most things are concerned with input from the clipboard into Obsidian instead of out of Obsidian. Even after writing this up, the dynamic "Your topic is similar too… "search continues to show into Obsidian vs. from Obsidian.

Could you just drag and drop the image?

If not, and if you’re on Mac/iOS, you could use the Shortcut Launcher and Shortcuts.

I think the “Your topic” thing hangs around until you close it.

See Copy image from a note - #21 by drctrl

One or more plugins mentioned there