Copy function fails to store text to clipboard

Steps to reproduce

When trying to copy text from Obsidian and paste into any other program, the clipboard seems to be empty which does not allow me to paste anything.

Expected result

Copied text should be available to paste elsewhere.

Actual result

Copied text does not appear to be stored anywhere in which to paste.


  • Operating system: macOS Big Sur v11.4
  • Obsidian version: 1.0.3

Additional information

Obsidian version 1.0.3 doesn’t exist on desktop. I gonna ask you to post a screen recording of this not working in the help vault.

Maybe that is my issue then. I just got a new machine at work and it was available through the App Store.

I can download the version from the Obsidian site instead. Should I still post a screen recording in the Help topic?

Did you download the mobile version on the desktop? If so, maybe that’s why it’s not working.

Download the desktop version from the website.

Will do, thanks.