Copy/cut block from search results

I made a feature request but I’m thinking it might be better as a plugin. It would be great to be able to search for a keyword or link, right click or select multiple search results, and copy/cut the blocks in which the searched keyword appears into the active note.

Use scenario:

  1. User opens Note 1
  2. User views backlinks to note in backlinks pane or searches for a keyword using the search tool
  3. Search/backlinks results are returned
  4. User right clicks the desired result(s) and selects (a) “Copy block” or (b) “Cut block” or “Insert text from block into active note”
  5. (a) Copy: The text is copied to the clipboard OR (b) Cut/insert: The text is removed from its original note and added to the clipboard or the currently active note

The benefit to this is functionality beyond that of Note Composer/Note Refactor. It would enable more engagement with search results and facilitate efficiency keeping other notes updated, i.e., if a block of content is more relevant in a new note than its original note.

Original feature request: