Copy and paste text+image from web-site as Pasted image

How can I copy all html images from web-page as pasted images?
When I select all (text with image) and then copy - it pastes as url-related images.
When I select only image via Copy image - it pastes as pasted image.
How can I make all images as pasted when I select text with images?

I tried in Chrome and Vivaldi and both of them copies as url-related images.
I found similar topics, but can’t found an answer.
What I’m doing wrong?

I’m not sure if you can, but I believe there is a plugin that will download the images for those links and change the links to point to them.

Yes, there is. But it can’t grab all pages and it’s very exprensive. Select ALL and copy-paste is much easier.

Why MS Word can grab images and texts from websites together and store them in a local folder (in AppData), but Obsidian can’t? It will be a huge feature if Obsidian may copy text+images from any website automatically. Why not?
Markdown downloader is very expensive and unusable when I save content more then 10-15 times per day.
Firstly I copy selected text+image to Word, after that I copy from Word to Obsidian.
And there is - image stored in Word in local folder. Word copies images instead of image urls!

Yes, it’s not a good idea to store image in AppData :slight_smile: but Word can copy it to local computer, why Obsidian can’t download and copy it directly to an Obsidian vault from any browser in one click? It will be convenient and fast. Mardkdown downloader is not convenient and not fast and it doesn’t work with all websites.
I think that community will be grateful for this feature.

And what if I want to copy not all website article, but only some selected text with 1-2 images?
Markdown downloader can download only whole pages. It’s not convenient .
I have to use it, because there are no better solutions at all, but Markdown downloader is definitely not the good solution. So, if Obsidian can download text and images from pages in one click in the future - it will be GREAT! It will be like a PRO.

I’m not sure what web clipper you are using, but

is free for Firefox, Edge, and Chrome (and other Chromium browsers). It can send the entire page as well as only your text selection.

I did it a while ago, but I remember the setup was a bit confusing for me at the time. Here are the minimum steps to get it running:

I did all of this.
But sill…

Images are doesn’t save locally!!!
By the way, it’s not necessary to setup markdown downloader as you described because MDer has a command “Copy Tab to Markdown”, it works the same as “Send to Obsidian”, except that “Copy” doesn’t open Obsidian as “Send”, but methods are the same.
I still don’t understand, why Obsidian team doesn’t add the Copy feature to fastest save web-pages and it’s content from clipboard locally to Obsidian note/vault for years? It’s the easiest way.
What if author of Markdown downloader stops developing it?
It will be nice feature!
Web-sites may disappear. But they will remain in the notes forever! With all images.

Feature request!
Easy copy and paste mixed web-content to Obsidian through clipboard with all images saved in Obsidian vault automatically in ONE click.