Converting strings in Wikilinks with the Tab key on IME is not working well

Steps to reproduce

Japanese converting process of strings has two ways with IME. Space key or Tab key.
Space key simply converts Hiragana into Kanji.
Tab key converts Hiragana into a predicated sentence which includes Kanji converting, and we commonly use this function. (I think we tend to use the Tab key much more than the Space key when quick typing)

Converting with the Tab key break ]] and a Japanese sentence itself in wikilinks, while the Space key doesn’t break them. I didn’t notice this because converting with the Tab key works well for the first time. Entering the Tab key several times break them. ↓


This bug leads to break a pipe and a sentence prepared beforehand. ↓


Expected result


Actual result

[[これはテストです ← wikilink is broken
[[これこれはテストです ← wikilink & sentence are broken
(correct sentence: これはテストです → broken sentence: これこれはテストです)
[[これはテストです ← wikilink & pipe are broken


OS : macOS catalina (10.15.7)
IME : both Google Japanese IME and MacOS’s default IME
Obsidian : insider v0.12.1 (installer v0.11.9)

Additional information

have you always had this problem or is it recent?

I recently noticed this problem.

I confirmed Windows version works well and does not have this issue.
Only macOS’s version has this problem.

is this happening in the new editor?

Sorry for being late to reply. I think three is no problem now.

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