Converting citekey citations in Obsidian to citations in Word (using Zotero)

What I’m trying to do

Hi everyone!
I’m looking for a way to export my Obsidian notes into a Word doc that has citations formatted through Zotero.

To explain a bit more. I’ve decided to list my citations using their citekeys in Obsidian. I would like to export a note into Word, for example through the Pandoc plugin (this works).

However, when I export it, the citekeys remain just text.

Is there a way for Zotero to recognize these citekeys as actual citations? And format them, for example, into Harvard style or Chicago Manual style citations?

I’d be happy to share more info. However, I’m still new to Obsidian and might need a bit of guidance.

Any and all help is more than welcome!

Check out the instructions here: Markdown/Pandoc :: Better BibTeX for Zotero

See under the heading “From markdown to Zotero live citations”. I’ve used this a couple of times successfully. It’s important to remember to specify --lua-filter rather than --filter when running pandoc. I got that wrong the first time and was baffled why it didn’t work.

This is an example by @SkepticMystic pinned in the academia channel in Discord:

Here is the general command you can use to convert from Obsidian .md.docx using APA 7 referencing. Change the file paths to your needs, but keep the git URL to use APA 7.

pandoc "path/to/" --citeproc --csl "" --bibliography "path/to/citations.bib" -o "path/to/output.docx"

This is exactly what I want to do as well. I would like to take this thread and store it in Obsidian for future reference. Other than selecting all and copy and pasting is there a way to send a thread like this to Obsidian for future reference?

You could use markdownload (browser extension) and save it in a folder in obsidian.

@koala Great idea, thanks!

For iOS use, there’s also @kepano’s bookmarklet approach that works great on the go.

Hi all! Thanks for all the suggestions.
Based on my current knowledge and capabilities, the first option that @mmin suggested seems to be easiest to follow along with.

However. Most of it seems clear, however, I’m unsure of how to:

  • download the Pandoc filter
  • add some metadata to your markdown file in a YAML header.

How exactly do I download it? I assume I have to create a folder myself and paste the text in the link.

And I have no idea what a YAML header even is.

Sorry. As I said, this is all pretty new to me.

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