Convert MD/HTML with large base64 images to MD + images files (Evernote mass conversion)

After migrating a lot of notes from Evernote to files, I have a lot of html files that contain text + (sometimes many) large images encoded into base64 format.

Using Pandoc, I can convert them into MD to get them into my vault, but Pandoc still keeps the images as Base64 into the MD files. If the images are not too large, it works, but if the images are large (or many or both), then Obsidian really struggles to open the note, both in edit or preview mode. It works, but it could take several minutes and bog down Obsidian completely.

Do you know about a line command tool that can work on Mac and that would convert either html+base64 or md+base64 files to a set a MD files + as many jpeg files as original base64 images with the correct link into the MD file? Apparently, Pandoc can’t do that. I am trying TextSoap also, but I don’t think it can convert Base64 into subfiles…

Any idea ?

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pandoc has a command line switch --extract-media=DIR which should extract the images to the directory specified and update the links to point to the files.

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That’s perfect !! Pandoc is so large that I had not found out about this option…

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