Convert eml to md

@romeoblade do you know by any chance if there is a way to do the same conversion for eml files ?

There is this: GitHub - SkepticMystic/email-templates

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The Obsidian ecosystem is amazing… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please forgive my ignorance. Complete noob here with a plain Obsidian installation.
Where and how do I install this?

It’s not in the community plugins (yet) and still beta, so you can install it either manually or use BRAT (install it from the community plugins). BRAT makes installing it very easy.

Alternatively, the manual installation works like this.

  • Go to the releases
  • Download main.js, styles.css (if available), manifest.json to your vault VaultFolder/.obsidian/plugins/your-plugin-id/.

And as always, have backups.

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