Context Menu (aka right click menu) Hotkey

This is a feature request to have opt+enter hotkey to open up the context menu i.e. the right click menu.

Here’s a screenshot of the menu to be brought up:

Use case or problem

If there’s a spelling correction for a word, we use the mouse to right click the word to open the context menu to correct it.

Another use case would be to highlight a few lines and Extract current selection... if that plugin is enabled as well.

Proposed solution

Allow users to configure the context menu hotkey. Maybe a good default is option+enter, which is similar to Jetbrain’s hotkey for showing the context menu


You can set a keyboard shortcut to extract.

On a full keyboard, you also have the Menu key, or Shift+F10.


The biggest win would be to have this for bringing up the menu for correcting spelling, or add a new word to the dictionary without leaving the keyboard

I just tried this on the mac, it doesn’t seem to do anything. Which menu does this bring up?
I’m trying to bring up this menu image

(updated root request with this screenshot)

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Interesting, I think we found a bug: I used the same text as you, the cursor behind the “x” in “exampple”, and this is what I get (Obsidian 0.12.12, Linux):

Right mouse click:


Note: Spelling suggestion and “Add to dictionary” are in the menu.

Context Menu key:


The cursor jumps behind the “h” in “this” and the menu doesn’t have all entries.



Same as with the menu key: The cursor jumps behind the “h” in “this” and the menu doesn’t have all entries.

As far as I know, both the Context Menu key and Shift+F10 should bring up exactly the same context menu as if clicking with the right mouse key.

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Shift-F10 was implmented.

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This is possible throughout the OS for Mac users:

  1.  →
  2. System Preferences →
  3. Accessibility →
  4. Pointer Control →
  5. Alternative Control Methods →
  6. tick Enable alternative pointer actions →
  7. Options →
  8. Set the key you want to use for Right Click

The default is F12, usually fn F12 on a laptop, depending on the settings in:

  1.  →
  2. System Preferences →
  3. Keyboard →
  4. Keyboard tab →
  5. Use F1, F2 etc keys as standard function keys


Is opening up the context menu available for mac, or better yet, an assignable hotkey?

I tried shift+F10 on OS X 11.6 (Big Sur), but it didn’t work. It looks like it registers correctly as Shift+F10 because I can assign that key combo to some other function.

FYI, to get F10 you may need to hold down fn and it should pop up in the touchbar.

This kind of of works, but the pointer will need to be over the word. Mac triggers the menu it off of the pointer location, not the text caret | location.

Here’s an example gif from an IDE like Jetbrain’s Pycharm

example gif

I use ⌥↩︎ aka opt+enter to trigger the context menu, in this case, opening up the spell check menu.

Also visible is my cursor is in the lower middle portion of the screen, so it’s not technically triggering the “right click menu”.

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Did you manage to find a solution for this ? I also when down the accesability rabbit hole and ended up with a subpar solution.

No, I haven’t. Seems like Keyboard Maestro can’t either.

On mobile (iOS), there’s a run command to Show context menu under cursor but it’s not available on the Desktop app, no can you assign it as a keyboard hotkey.

It also looks like the mobile version’s is way more limited than the desktop version’s.


Mobile’s (iOS):

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FYI In v0.14.3, there’s a new command called show context menu under cursor! :tada:

There’s a slight bug with the spell check, but this is def :100:!

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