Consistent graph view across sessions

Use case or problem

I rely on graph view to see how different topics and themes connect. Visualizing the spatial orientation is helpful for me. Topic A is in the upper-right, this links to topic A1 in the lower-right, etc… But every time I open Obsidian the graph view will render differently.

For example, this is a screenshot of my graph view. The second screenshot is simply from me closing and re-opening Obsidian, without adjusting anything.

Proposed solution

Maybe an option to pin certain big notes or tags to a specific part of the graph, and let everything fill in like normal.

Current workaround (optional)

I’m currently just dragging the major parts to the areas I’m used to


I agree with this, as long as the notes don’t change it would be nice if the graph would always produce the same layout with the same settings.

This feature has been requested twice in the past:

@moderators Combine these three threads?