Concept: Adding Text to the Filename in the File Explorer/File Title

My Idea: A Luhmann Style Digital Zettelkasten

I am looking for ways to build a Luhmann-like-note-ID digital Zettelkasten in Obsidian.

A note (Zettel) would look like this:

tags: [...]
# [[42a1]] Obsidian as a dZK 

A thought about Obsidian [[42]] as [[2a|digital Zettelkasten System]]  ... and therefore ...

The cool thing about that approach is that the text is not too messed up with references and can be still written by hand quickly.

ID excursion

I know of the practice to use longer IDs in ZK systems but I do not really like the way it looks in the editor view and the Hamming distance of the long winded IDs

Is there already a way that adds the title of a note to the file-stem that is shown in the file explorer pane?

Things I have tried

Searched for a similar topic, there are some like

But no answer.

But was not able to find one.

What I’m trying to do

Aim to use or build a community plugin

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