Community plugins and themes are not working

I am using a windows 11 PC. I am unable to load community plugins from the browse page and also couldn’t find updates to the existing community plugins. It says, “failed to load plugins”. Also, I am unable to apply new themes. It says, “failed to install theme”. This has been happening since a week. Can anyone help me with this?


You either have a network problem or file system problem to download stuff on your vault.


I do not have a network problem. Other downloads on my browser are working fine. What do you mean by file system problem? Can you fix my issue? I am unable to make progress in my work because of this issue.

I’m also facing the same issue. My network is working fine, I also have made Obsidian to bypass firewall (according to other people who faced the same issue), but it still isn’t working. The debug info is just saying to check for updates in current plugins but I can’t also browse /load them.

Hi, I just switched to a better network and my issue got resolved. May be you can try the same too.

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