Columns in live preview

Use case or problem

Columns which can be edited in live preview seamlessly, similar to Notion or Anytype. This would make Obsidian pages much more customisable, which is in line with Obsidian’s philosophy.

I don’t know how viable this is in Markdown, but with databases in the roadmap and with the new properties feature, the developers of Obsidian seem capable of getting around markdowns limitations well.

Proposed solution

A simple way to create columns, such as a slash command or a hotkey. Ideally some sort of way to choose how many columns there are (Maybe different hotkeys for different amounts of columns).

Current workaround (optional)

There are plugins for this such as multi-column markdown. However, you cannot edit the text inside the columns without the columns disappearing for another UI.

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I would kill for this. This is the big thing that I miss.


Would also love this