Column layout v table


Is the only way to create a three-column layout in an obsidian note the creation of a table, or am I missing something?

I guess another way of looking it would be, I’m thinking that a three-column layout section, is just a three-column table with one row. Am I correct?


I think you can create multiple columns with CSS. Here is a CSS snippet I use to make my unordered lists have multiple columns:

.ul-two-columns ul {
    columns: 2;

.ul-three-columns ul {
    columns: 3;

.ul-four-columns ul {
    columns: 4;

Note that these will only take effect on pages that request them using the cssclass metadata. For example, on a page I wanted to have three columns I’d add this at the top of the page:

cssclass: ul-three-columns

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